Vail Outdoor Feeder


  • All steel construction
  • 90 cubic ft., 4,000 lb. capacity based on corn density
  • Programmable timed gravity release
  • Solar powered charging system
  • Front/back rain deflectors
  • 98” tall x 58” wide x 104” long
  • List price: $6200.00 plus freight

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Our story.

Professional Land Managers like The Crush’s Lee and Tiffany Lakosky were searching for a solution to the extreme time demands of filling feeders weekly. We got to work for them and built our first prototype back in 2017. The Crush Feeder weighs in at 1,350 lbs., and has fork access holes for moving with skid steer/compact track loader or tractors equipped with pallet forks.

Due to weather elements, we find corn, pellets or grain-based mixture with mineral pellets ideal for this feeder. We’ve equipped the feeder with a high-quality solar panel, battery, and control timer that powers the feeder for weeks without sun.

The time is programmable to drop food in cycle times by the second – as many as 27 times a day. The wooden trough is not included; however, we do provide drawings for ideas and options to fit your needs.

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The Vail Outdoor Feeder

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