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The Vail Tree Saw is by far the best saw on the market for the money. We have tried or owned several competitors’ saws and I would buy another Vail. The tooth system is superior to any other, the saw is made heavily and has held up to our custom cutting business. –Jerry Olson, Land Clearing Business Owner


  • Fully Adjustable within 180° angle
  • Offset Boom for Visibility and Safety
  • Over 24" Diameter Cut Capacity
  • Motor-Bearing Options
  • Plug and Play In-Cab Controls
  • Optional 5 Gal. Integrated Herbicide System

The Vail Products® Tree Saw is tailored to your needs.

Tailor your cutting experience with Vail Products’ range of Hydraulic and Manual Rotating cutting heads, along with High Torque or High Speed motors. Each model offers a substantial 6 ½ foot reach and advanced hydraulics for extended motor life.

The 180-degree rotation capability with a geared actuator ensures precise control during applications such as felling, stump grinding, and limbing. The inclusion of our severe-duty blade with wind-down safeguarding ensures a seamless cut through various tree sizes and types. We offer an optional 5-gallon built-in herbicide spray system that effectively prevents regrowth.

Whether you specialize in land clearing, expanding pasture acreage, or clearing utility right-of-ways, the Vail Products line of Tree Saws is adept at handling the task.

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The Vail Products® Tree Saw

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