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“The Vail Saw is by far the best saw on the market for the money.  We have tried or owned several competitor’s saws and I would buy another one of the Vail saws.  The tooth system is superior to any other and the saw is made heavily and has held up to our custom cutting business.  We cut in a four state area and will often cut 40 to 50 hours a week in heavily infested pastures.” -Jerry Olson, Land Clearing Business Owner


  • Offset Boom for Visibility and Safety
  • Advanced Hydraulics for Longer Motor Life
  • 5 Gal. Integrated Herbicide System
  • Available in Low and High Flow Models

The Vail Products® line of Tree Saw Attachments

Featuring a full array of customizable options, choose the features and specifications tailored to fit your needs. Select from Rotational and Fixed cutting heads, High Torque and High Speed motors and match the Hydraulic Flow of any of our Tree Saws to your make & model of compact track or skid steer loader.

Choose from either our Hydraulic Rotating Tree Saw or our Fixed Head Tree Saw. The Vail Products® Fixed Head Tree Saw comes with a 5’ boom, Advanced Hydraulics for longer motor life, Precision Control for below ground finishing, a 5 gallon Integrated Herbicide spray system that prevents regrowth and our Heavy-duty Carbide blade with wind down protection makes it the best performing Fixed Head Tree Saw available on the market today.

The Vail Products® Rotating Tree Saw features a full 180° of Smooth, Drift-Free Rotation, a Plug and Play electrical interface that enables OEM in-cab controls, and a Rotary Actuator-driven cutting head that gives operators the exact and precise angle of attack for effective and safe tree, limb and brush removal.

Vail Products® Tree Saws can be configured with your choice of High Torque or High Speed hydraulic motors to bring the very best performance to your requirements. Our High-Speed, High Efficiency motor turns at 1200-1900 rpm and our powerful High-Torque motor brings extra strength while reducing stalls and jams. All our hydraulic motors feature advanced hydraulics for longer motor life.

Whether you’re a land clearing specialist, adding acreage to your pasture or clearing utility right-of-ways, the Vail Products® family of Tree Saws are the ultimate land clearing attachments. Available in low flow AND high flow models, Vail Products® Tree Saws fit all makes and models of compact track and skid steer loaders.

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The Vail Products® line of Tree Saw Attachments

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