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“This is a very efficient tool! I can get 500 plants per hour, depending on the thickness. The beauty of the Vail Grubber is, when I pull the plant up by the root, it’s gone, and it’s not coming back.” -Joey Henderson, Owner West TX Brush Clearing Business


  • 10” T-1 Steel Grubbing Edge
  • High Visibility and Ease of Use
  • Built for Effective Taproot Removal

The Vail Products® Grubber

The Vail Products® Grubber is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to permanently remove unwanted and invasive trees, shrubs and brush. Our unique non-hydraulic attachment removes unwanted growth from the taproot, preventing re-growth and re-invasion, giving you back control of your land and site.

Heavyweight in design while easy to use and control, the Vail Products® Grubber employs a 10” T-1 steel cutting edge along with high visibility for superior leverage and duty.

Creating a native landscape — whether pasture, field, park or residential lot — first requires the removal of any non-native or invasive species. Though chemical and biological removal works in some cases, professional brush clearers say grubbing is the most effective method.

The Vail Products® Grubber fits all makes and models of Compact Track and Skid Steer loaders. Permanently remove invasive trees, shrubs and weeds. Help replenish, manage and conserve our water and natural resources effectively. Use the Vail Products® Grubber for long term land control, management and preservation.

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The Vail Products® Grubber

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