Vail Goliath Grapple

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If your machine can pick it up, the Goliath Grapple can handle it. I love these Vail Products! –Howard O’Neal, The Management Advantage


  • Multi-Functional – Clear, Carry, Prep and Groom
  • Industry's Highest Open Capacity (6 Feet)
  • Hose Concealment Improves Visibility and Safety
  • ¾” Steel Tines and Arms
  • Three Year Structural Warranty
  • Available Models: 84″, 72”, and 66″ Wide

The Vail Products® Goliath Grapple delivers unmatched strength.

The Goliath Grapple boasts the highest capacity among all other grapples available on the market. With three times more volume capacity, our Grapple reduces the need for multiple trips leading to significant fuel and time savings. The Goliath Grapple leverages its strength, geometry, and advanced skeletal frame to effectively lift, carry, and clear heavy and bulky loads.

From land clearing to grounds maintenance, carry extreme loads of trees, logs, stumps, limbs, roots, brush piles, rocks, and awkward debris with ease. This is not your average Brush Grapple – use it to clear, root, rake, and groom, too.

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The Vail Products® Goliath Grapple

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