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The Vail Brush Cutter is by far my favorite attachment and an invaluable tool on our farms. It continues to handle the abuse of mowing overgrown trails, small to mid-size trees, dense underbrush, and everything in between. The durability and performance of Vail Products exceeded our expectations! –Joe Orf, High Point Land Company/Gamemasters Land Management


  • Can Cut Trees up to 10″ in Diameter
  • All-Terrain Flywheel Design
  • Quick-Stop Quad Blade System
  • Removable and Adjustable Push Bar
  • Replaceable Deck Runners
  • Available Models: 85″ and 77″ Wide

The Vail Products® Brush Cutter is a workhorse with hybrid performance.

The Vail Brush Cutter with mulching blade option is a powerful and versatile attachment designed to tackle dense vegetation, undergrowth, and trees up to 10” in diameter. Ideal for most land clearing operations, the Brush Cutter is proficient in cutting, mulching, and mowing areas with thick vegetation.

Our industry-leading quick-stop blade system and advanced hydraulic engineering ensure greater safety and longer motor life. Designed to withstand the rigors of severe-duty cutting, the Brush Cutter is a proven performer on standard or high-flow machines.

From pine to hedge, kudzu to thistle, the Vail Brush Cutter will masterfully turn trees into mulch, open a game path, add more pasture land, or clear invasive growth to greatly improve your land clearing and land management practices. To determine if this attachment suits your equipment and application needs, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.

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The Vail Products® Brush Cutter

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