Vail Mini Tree Saw

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  • Premium High-Torque Motor/Bearing combo
  • Full 180 degrees of Drift-Free Rotation
  • Superior Blade System with Greenteeth Sawteeth
  • Includes Hoses, Couplers, Electrical Connection and Mini X Mounting Bracket
  • No Case Drain Line Required
  • Available Models: 30″ Wide

Introducing The Vail Products® Tree Saw for Mini and Compact Excavators.

Our line-up of Vail Products® Rotating Tree Saws feature a full 180° of Smooth, Drift-Free Rotation, a Plug and Play electrical interface that enables in-cab controls, and a Rotary Actuator-driven cutting head that gives operators the exact and precise angle of attack for effective and safe tree, limb and brush removal.

Whether you’re a land clearing specialist, adding acreage to your pasture or clearing utility right-of-ways, the Vail Products® family of Tree Saws are the ultimate land clearing attachments. Available now for mini and compact excavators.

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The Vail Products® Tree Saw

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