Vail MX Brush Cutters

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“Just like to say that the Vail MX Brush Cutter is absolutely amazing! I’ve ran mulchers and several other brush cutter for years and this cutter surpasses them by far!” -Chris Castle, Castle Landworks, Alabama


  • Industry Leading 6” Cutting Capacity
  • Twin-Edge Reversible Long-Life Blades
  • Centralized Hitch for Balance and Maneuverability
  • Shielded Motor and Bearing
  • ¾” Thick T1 Flywheel
  • No Case Drain Line Required
  • Available MX Models: 42″ and 48″ Wide

The Vail Products® Brush Cutter for Mini Excavators is ready for anything.

The Vail MX Brush Cutter delivers impressive power, boasting a torque of up to 200 lb. ft*, all while maintaining a sturdy weight that optimizes the center of gravity. This is achieved through its strategically positioned centralized hitch. Our Brush Cutter is plug and play ready – compatible with most mini excavators in the market. The package includes mounting brackets, hoses, and couplers, all covered in the unit’s price, with no need for a case drain retrofit.

The Vail Products MX Brush Cutter will turn trees into mulch, open a game path, add more pasture land, or clear invasive growth to greatly improve land management practices.

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The Vail Products® Mini Brush Cutter

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