Vail Mini Brush Cutters

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“I have been using a competitor’s mulcher for quite a while now, and the new Vail disc mulcher is a game-changer. Faster, processes material better, and the overall package has been bulletproof!” -Kelly Crenshaw, Crenshaw’s Mulching & Clearing, Louisiana 


  • Industry leading Motor/Bearing Combo
  • Twin-Edge Reversible Long-Life Blades
  • Centralized Hitch for Balance and Agility
  • Includes Hoses, Couplers, and Mini X Mounting Bracket
  • No Case Drain Line Required
  • Weatherhead Hoses
  • Available MX Models: 42″ and 48″ Wide
  • Available EX Models: 60″ and 70″ Wide

Extend your capabilities with The Vail Products® Brush Cutter for Mini, Compact and Standard Excavators.

Equipped with premium motor/bearing combo, our reversible triple-blade brush cutter is extra tough, strong and agile.

Designed for strength and durability, the Vail Products® Mini Brush Cutter is a proven performer in clearing dense brush, invasive trees, thick weeds, high grass and severe undergrowth.

The wind down blade system along with advanced hydraulic engineering ensures greater safety and longer motor life.

The Vail Products® Mini Brush Cutter will turn trees into mulch, open a game path, add more pasture land, or clear invasive growth to greatly improve Land Management practices.

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The Vail Products® Mini Brush Cutter

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