Vail Drum Mulchers

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I purchased my Vail Drum Mulcher in July of 2022. With a little over 200 hours on the mulching head now, it has far exceeded my expectations. I have worked it like a rented mule without issue.  -Ryan Smith, Ground Assault Forestry Mulching


  • Motor Protection System with Integrated Safety Brake
  • Multiple Quadco Teeth Options
  • Self-Regulating Variable Displacement Motor
  • Exclusive Hose Management System
  • Replaceable Skid Shoes & Abrasion-Resistant T1 Steel Zoned Liner
  • 23-50+ GPM Required
  • Available Models: 50", 60″, and 72" Wide

The Vail Products® Drum Mulcher is designed with the operator in mind.

It’s evident the demands of the mulching industry are evolving and operators are seeking advanced features from their equipment. The Vail Products Drum Mulcher is robust in design and equipped with our cutting-edge SuperDrive System providing exceptional torque that goes beyond industry norms. With more torque at your disposal, our Drum Mulcher lets you keep making chips through the toughest cuts. This translates to uninterrupted operation, preventing stalling and maximizing productivity. Backed by five decades of manufacturing expertise, the Vail Drum Mulcher is the result of continuous innovation and refinement, driven by an understanding of operator needs.

Every second matters. The Vail SuperDrive System possesses the fastest recovery/respool time in the industry and is designed to be the most powerful, highest torque, self-regulating drive on the market. Utilizing a case pressure shift point occurring automatically and continuously without user input. Available models include 50″, 60″, and 72″ with 23-50+ GPM required.

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