Brush Cutter

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“I love the new mulching blade option on our Vail Brush Cutter. We also run a competitor’s cutter in our fleet that has teeth underneath; and our Vail cuts and reprocesses material twice as fast and leaves a finer finished product – all while running cooler than the competition. I can’t wait to buy another one of these cutters!”

–Charles Yokem, Yokem Land Services, Shreveport, LA

“The Vail Brush Cutter does in one pass what it takes two or three with other cutters to do. It doesn’t bog the machine down, runs cooler and less fuel is used at the end of the day. Thanks Vail and Adam Montgomery of Hattiesburg Bobcat.”

–Charles Whitney, Mississippi Land Owner

“The Vail Brush Cutter is second to none. I have owned three other brands and not one of them are comparable. The strength, reliability and customer service are excellent. I own two cutters and am anxiously awaiting for the mini excavator cutter to be released. Thanks Vail Products we appreciate everything you do.”

–Joe Buchanan, Buchanan Excavating

X Mulcher

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“This is the baddest disc mulcher on the planet! I’ve ran several other competitors, but the Vail X Mulcher is by far the best. Finally one with appropriate sized teeth that cut like a laser. The machine mulches material twice as fast, and it’s built like a tank. The future of disc mulchers is here!”

–Steven Knotts, Knotts Dirt Work & Mulching LLC, Louisiana

“I have been using a competitor’s mulcher for quite a while now, and the new Vail Disc X Mulcher is a game-changer. Faster, processes material better, and the overall package has been bulletproof!”

–Kelly Crenshaw, Crenshaw’s Mulching & Clearing, Louisiana 

“For the last few years, I’ve watched some of my buddies on social media using Vail Attachments and have been very impressed! T-Bone Turner, Lee Lakosky and the Lindsey’s opened my eyes to another form of land management. I HAD to get my hands on some and I’ve been more than trilled! My favorite is the Vail X Mulcher. That thing is an absolute beast of an attachment. We haven’t found any brush or trees that can stand up to it! It makes clearing unwanted brush so very enjoyable, quick, and easy. I can’t wait to clear something else on the farm!”

–Mark Drury, Drury Outdoors

Tree Saw

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“The Vail X Series Tree Saw is by far the best saw on the market for the money. We have tried or owned several competitor’s saws and I would buy another one of the Vail saws. The tooth system is superior to any other and the saw is made heavily and has held up to our custom cutting business. We cut in a four state area and will often cut 40 to 50 hours a week in heavily infested pastures.”

–Jerry Olson, Land Clearing Business Owner

Land Planer

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“Once a overgrown forest floor! I carved out a couple intercept locations along travel routes to the crop fields. A couple years ago I would have used a chainsaw and a rake. This Land Planer lifts the debris and the 8″ shanks rip out any roots & rocks when you back up. The ground is a perfect seed bed. The Vail X Series attachments are game changers. I no longer tell clients what could be done. I offer to get it done!”

–Tondo Waldron, KS/MO Whitetail Properties Land Specialist


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“If your machine can pick it up, the Grapple can handle it. I love these Vail Products!”

–Howard O’Neal, The Management Advantage


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“The Vail X Series Grubber is a very efficient tool. I can get 500 plants per hour, depending on the thickness. The beauty of the Vail X Grubber is, when I pull the plant up by the root, it’s gone, and it’s not coming back.”

–Joey Henderson, Owner West TX Brush Clearing Business

X Series Attachments

“As far as customer service, Vail Products is second to none! These folks genuinely care about their customers and make every effort to ensure our success. One Bobcat 870 was throwing high temp codes excessively. I contacted Vail to inquire about this issue. They suggested I try a new valve assembly product they recently developed for machines with half inch couplers (like Bobcat). Not only is the problem resolved, but the increase in power is unbelievable! What we used to do with high flow, we can now do on standard flow. Every Bobcat in the country needs this upgrade!”

–Troy Reddick, Georgia Landworks LLC

“I was first introduced to the Vail X Series Attachments while filming some Land Management practices. I was instantly blown away!! If you are serious about Land Development and Property Management, you don’t need anything else! The versatility and efficiency of the X Series Attachments is second to none!”

–Brandon Pendergrass, Field Producer at Sub7 Films

“Toughest implements made. We love ours and they have played a big part in our habitat improvement!”

–Jeff Lindsey, The Lindsey Way