Our Story

Vail Products®, the leading manufacturer of aftermarket construction equipment attachments is proud to introduce the X Series line of Compact Track Loader attachments.

Serving the Land Management, Wildlife Management, Construction, Farm & Ranch, Utility, Energy, Forestry, Landscape, Road Maintenance, Waste Handling, Recycling and Equipment Rental markets, Vail Products® X Series attachments are built with the highest quality standards using advanced engineering, design and World-Class manufacturing.

In 1995 Hammersmith Manufacturing Inc., a 3rd generation family-owned manufacturing company, acquired Vail Products® – a manufacturer of aftermarket severe-duty parallel ripper systems for dozers, crawlers and motor graders. Fast forward 20 years and Vail Products® attachments are now the #1 sought after aftermarket construction equipment attachments in the U.S.

Backed by the Vail Products® name, our X Series line of Compact Track Loader (CTL) and Skid Steer Loader (SSL) Attachments are built to perform – and last. At Vail Products®, we’re working hard to develop the tools that give you the Quality you demand, the Performance you want and the Value you need. We strive everyday to retain our worldwide reputation for quality products that out perform your highest expectations.

For the Love of the Land

The Story Behind Vail X Series